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Fuel & Coal Dust Slurry for R&D - Progressive Cavity Pump

Customer: Verification, Testing and Certification Company

Application: Abrasive slurry of fuel oil and coal dust

Equipment Supplied: Progressive cavity pump

Location: UK


Equipment Supplied

1 x progressing cavity pump

Type: MN010-2

Fluid: Fuel oil with suspension of 10% coal dust (<10 microns)

Flow: 3l/hour @ 53 RPM

Pressure: 3 bar

Application: Research and development within the oil and gas industry

Installation: Horizontal

Pump body: AISI 316L / W. 1.440

Stator: NBR

Rotor: AISI 316L / W. 1.4404+HCP

Voltage: 440V

Motor: Coaxial gearbox with electric motor 0.37Kw, 4 Pole

Seal: Mechanical - SIC/SIC/NBR – With flushing system

Progressive Cavity Pump for Fuel Oil Slurry



We received an enquiry from an R&D company that needed a pump for an abrasive slurry of fuel oil and coal dust. This fuel oil pump was to be installed as part of a test rig to be used for research and development within the oil and gas industry. 

To be able to test the process in a controlled environment, the pump also needed to have a low flow rate which could be controlled by a variable speed drive.

Key challenges:

Able to handle the abrasive nature of coal dust

Requirement to control the pump speed

Pump Control Panel


Progressive cavity pumps need the fluid to have lubricating properties to function and are also really good when handling solids or abrasive liquids, so we immediately decided this pump was right for the job. We also specified the fitting of a mechanical seal flushing system to the pump, as this helps to extend the lifespan of the wearing seals when dealing with the abrasive dust particles.

We selected a coaxial gearbox coupled to an electric motor to provide the low RPM needed to produce the low flow rate requested. Running the progressive cavity pump slower would also help with handling the abrasive content of the fluid. The motor was also rated so that it could be connected to a variable speed drive and operated with a control panel.

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