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Heavy Grout Transfer for Drilling Specialist - Peristaltic Pump

Customer: Drilling Specialist

Application: Heavy grout transfer

Equipment Supplied: Variable speed peristaltic hose pump 

Location: UK


Equipment Supplied

1 x Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump

Model: FMP-80

Application: Transfer of heavy grout

Drive Details: 15 kW, 400V, 3 Phase, 50Hz, IP-55, 1450 RPM

Flow: 10 - 30 m³/h at 80m

Output speed: 30 rpm

Working speed: 13 - 39 rpm



Our customer had a requirement for a pump with the ability to handle heavy grout; a viscous fluid with little moisture, making it quite a difficult product to pump. At the time, they were using a MAT HP-50 peristaltic pump and although they were happy with the capacity and robust design of the high viscosity pump, it was lacking control features that could make their lives a lot easier and improve profitability. 

Peristaltic Pump for Heavy Grout

One of the main problems they had was having to operate the pump manually, which meant one of the groundswork engineers had to stay next to the pump when starting/stopping operation. This was seriously affecting productivity, as a member of their team was spending 50-60% of their time simply switching the pump on and off and making sure correct working pressure and flow was maintained.

Key challenges:

Ability to handle highly viscous, heavy grout

The need to reduce manual engineer operation

Cut down on excess product being pumped


We offered our customer a completely bespoke close coupled peristaltic pump. This is the ideal solution, thanks to its ability to handle dry products, and as the inner hose is the only wearing part, unlike most other pump designs there are no valves to clog or seals to fail that would with such a dry, viscous product. It therefore maintained the robust design of their previous unit with the addition of control panel, inverter drive, torque control/indicator, start/stop remote control up to 150 metres and hose leakage indicator. 

Boyser Peristaltic Hose Pump

The above features allowed our customer to have a full team on the actual job as the pump was able to be controlled remotely and requiring no man power. They could also control the speed and pressure of the peristaltic hose pump, resulting in productivity gains of 35-40% as they could now pump the specific quantity of grout required. Evidently this also meant material waste was cut down significantly.

The overall impact was a 30% increase in process' profitability!

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