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We can specify your ideal solution

Lvssn have a thorough understanding of a range of industries through experience in supplying the offshore oil and gas market, paper mills, chemical and food manufacturers to name a few. We not only understand the importance of downtime but also what each process requires and how small design improvements specific to the nature of your industry and application can reduce downtime, facilitate maintenance and improve longevity.

Our pump types range from standard centrifugal pumps, and multistage pumps, to immersed and process overhung solid handling pumps. We also supply a wide range of positive displacement pumps such as peristaltic, progressing cavity, screw, vane and gear, allowing us to provide more than one solution for your process and accommodate almost any fluid.

We know at times pump selection is difficult. Pump selections are made with confidence by technical sales engineers who understand your process, ensuring equipment is engineered beyond your needs. To select the correct technical solution for your requirement, the longevity of design is prioritized. If there are existing issues you need assistance with, we work with you to solve these, such as; high maintenance costs, frequent service periods, repeated equipment breakdown leading to lost time, inconsistency in flow rates, or pumped product inconsistency.

As our pumps are completely configurable, we design pumps with materials according to your requirement, and to your required duty point. Pumps are engineered specifically for your process whether they are baseplate mounted, within a mobile frame or in kit form with couplings, hose, dispensing nozzle, flowmeters, valves, control panels, inverter drives and monitoring systems.

Example Projects

Peristaltic pump operating in an environment at -20°C. Fitted with special low temperature motor and low temperature resistant grease for the hose.

Bespoke trolley mounted rotary lobe pump, complete with; screw hopper feed and inverter drive. A mobile solution for handling high viscosity fluids with dry matter content.

Mobile trolley mounted rotary lobe pump system, complete with gearbox, motor and control panel. Suitable for high viscosity and solids laden fluids.

Trolley mounted rotary lobe pump, complete with; gearbox, motor and screw hopper feed. An ideal solution for food grade applications handling high viscosity fluids with dry matter content.

Mobile trolley mounted peristaltic pump for sampling, complete with gearbox, motor and control panel. Perfect for high viscosity fluids and fluids containing solids. This pump is able to run dry indefinetely, making it the ideal site pump.

Double bunded toxic chemical decanting skid, complete with peristaltic pump. Used to transfer chemicals from a thinly walled IBC to a robust bunded tank for safety. The pump is reversible, sealless, self-priming and able to dry run. Any leaks are fully contained within the pump head and a leakage sensor notifies the operator if this occurs.

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